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Podcast is going!

Posted by kellyhoffman on March 12, 2009

This is it! Not only have I finally figured out the whole podcasting thing, I have my tentative schedule. Monday and Friday, a 5-10 minute post on iTunes, or go to to download the straight mp3.

In addition, I will be hosting a free call in show on Talkshoe (an internet conference call service). If you are interested, go to my website for more information, or at 9pm Tuesday evenings go to and look for the BDOG (Beautiful Daughters of God) podcast. This will be a question and answer session, so it should be fun.

Also, you can schedule a 1:1 recorded phone conversation. All question and answer phone conversations will be recorded and posted as part of the podcast!

This is going to be fun, so be sure to listen in, call in, email, or do whatever you can to contribute your thoughts and ideas, and to get the answers you need about being a Beautiful Daughter of God.

much love my dear sisters,


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Quicker more better faster

Posted by kellyhoffman on January 20, 2009

So … shorter post, more often, good deal.
I am so impressed with the innate goodness of people, and how much we WANT to matter, to make a difference, to do some good. Millions of people went out yesterday and volunteered because their President Elect asked them too. How awesome is that? Listening to people call in on the radio, folks felt pretty good about the “call to arms”.
So, are we mobilizing our forces? Who do we influence?

President Obama spoke to the same American people that every other president has spoken too, but instead of telling them something, he asked something of them, and millions did it! So who in our sphere of influence can we ask more of, can we inspire, can we do more ourselves to be doers of the word and not believers only?

Teach me all that I must do, to live with Him someday.
Start today.

your sister,
Kelly Hoffman

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So, what’s this all about?

Posted by kellyhoffman on August 25, 2008

Hello, I’m Kelly Hoffman and I am glad you are here at this blog. This is the about me section huh? Well, right now that seems pretty boring, listing degrees, pedigrees, worldly accomplishments. If you want to really know about me, start by looking in the mirror. I’m just like you, only different. I mean, I have different hair, different skin, and I grew up in a different family than you. But that doesn’t really matter as much as how we are the same.

I have the same desire that you do to love myself and others (only all too often I forget this, maybe you do too?) the same ability that you have to accomplish great things or to screw up royally. We are sisters. I have had pain at different times in my life, just like you. I still do, (have pain that is), only now I know a little bit more about who I really am, spiritually, and that has made a world of difference in my life. I want it to make a difference in your life too. That’s why I’m typing to you at 11 o’clock at night when I should be sleeping (I have two boys who take/suck all my energy).

Instead I am here, writing something that I hope connects with you because I think I know something you need to know, be reminded of, and have affirmed on a daily basis. YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!! You are DIVINE!!, you are so so beautiful, and everything in this media drenched world we live in is conspiring to keep you from finding that out about yourself.

Well, I know that you are a divine daughter of God, and I am not afraid to proclaim it, to talk about it, to rejoice in it, to blog it, or to podcast it with wanton abandon. You are my sister, how could I not let you know?

If you read this blog and listen to my (upcoming) podcasts you will find out “About” me; that I’m the kind of woman who believes in God and the beauty of his love for you. You will find out that I am also the kind of woman who thinks that a little something like a blog and a podcast created by me can change the world. One Beautiful Daughter of God at a time.

Well, there you have it, some information about me. Mrs. Kelly Hoffman. Mother, Wife, Scholar, Storyteller, Marriage and Family Therapist, Firefighter, Merchant Seaman, Recreation Specialist, Warrior, Servant of God.

Joyfully at your service, dear sister.

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Why Beautiful Daughters of God?

Posted by kellyhoffman on August 23, 2008

Because every woman deserves to know of her divine nature, and to feel a sense of value that is not dependent upon measuring up to someone else’s ideals. Beautiful Daughters of God come in all shapes and sizes, are a rainbow of different colors and are united by the belief that they are precious and important. These women, young and old, know that their worth was determined by God long ago, and that he is absolutely their biggest fan.

The Beautiful Daughters of God blog and podcast are all about how women can anchor themselves to God and learn how he would have them treat themselves and others. My intention in establishing this blog and creating my podcast is to motivate women to stand a little taller and to have more confidence in the strengths and gifts they have been given. Heck, I want women to read this blog, listen to my podcast and come away feeling powerful, happy, strong, and most of all, excited about their role in the universe as Daughters of God.

Oh yeah, and while I’m at it, I plan to redefine beautiful for every women out there…

in between raising a family of course. Whew!! Gotta go, lots to do.

With Much Love,


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