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Quicker more better faster

Posted by kellyhoffman on January 20, 2009

So … shorter post, more often, good deal.
I am so impressed with the innate goodness of people, and how much we WANT to matter, to make a difference, to do some good. Millions of people went out yesterday and volunteered because their President Elect asked them too. How awesome is that? Listening to people call in on the radio, folks felt pretty good about the “call to arms”.
So, are we mobilizing our forces? Who do we influence?

President Obama spoke to the same American people that every other president has spoken too, but instead of telling them something, he asked something of them, and millions did it! So who in our sphere of influence can we ask more of, can we inspire, can we do more ourselves to be doers of the word and not believers only?

Teach me all that I must do, to live with Him someday.
Start today.

your sister,
Kelly Hoffman

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