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Why Beautiful Daughters of God?

Posted by kellyhoffman on August 23, 2008

Because every woman deserves to know of her divine nature, and to feel a sense of value that is not dependent upon measuring up to someone else’s ideals. Beautiful Daughters of God come in all shapes and sizes, are a rainbow of different colors and are united by the belief that they are precious and important. These women, young and old, know that their worth was determined by God long ago, and that he is absolutely their biggest fan.

The Beautiful Daughters of God blog and podcast are all about how women can anchor themselves to God and learn how he would have them treat themselves and others. My intention in establishing this blog and creating my podcast is to motivate women to stand a little taller and to have more confidence in the strengths and gifts they have been given. Heck, I want women to read this blog, listen to my podcast and come away feeling powerful, happy, strong, and most of all, excited about their role in the universe as Daughters of God.

Oh yeah, and while I’m at it, I plan to redefine beautiful for every women out there…

in between raising a family of course. Whew!! Gotta go, lots to do.

With Much Love,


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